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bunnies breeding faster than hos

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Name:Lazy Hos Are Us
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For those of us with more plot bunnies than time or talent.

Well, for three of us anyway.

Speak for yourself. I have plenty of talent, it's just a never-ending supply of poo.

This is for my lazy ho bitch, who I love like an eight dollar whore full of poo:

And badges of honour:

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ass-fucking hearts, bad ninjas, being awesome, being bad bad people, being five, being lazy bitches, being ninja like, blood and guts, brain breakage, bunnies, buttsexing, capslocking, chinese finger-cuff porn, daddycest, dead things, deformed peens, explode-y things, exploding poo, flaming bags of poo, flinging poo, gaping holes, giant peens, going to hell, hermaphrodites, hookers, horror porn, incestuous necrophilia, kinky porn, lacking talent, lake of hellfire condos, lazy ho juice, lazy hos, less than threeing, making victory arms \o/, man lovin', masturing of the bate, peens, peens of all shapes, poo via e-mail, porn, porn writing ninjas, rabid plot bunnies, sam/dean, self-lovin', shiny objects, shiny people, shiny porn, spontaneous panty combustion, sucking, sucking at life, supernatural, things that are shiny, thinky-thoughts, throbbing cocks, torpedoes of love, towers of awesome, wincest, winning at life, zombie porn
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